One of our goals is to utilize existing products in new ways which will improve your plant process measurement. Many of these products are used in these same mining applications overseas but have not been introduced into Australia. We like to think of this as ‘leading edge’ not ‘bleeding edge’. In supporting this we can provide numerous references covering most mining applications. We also have many products available that will be a direct replacement for existing site equipment at significantly less cost.

There are now many new innovative solutions where there may be no existing product in the marketplace and we are actively seeking Beta sites. How about using a magnetostrictive transmitter output for your actuated valves instead of limit switches? Or volumetric measurement of your conveyor belt feed with detection of feed problems at the chute? We also have complete volumetric silo or stockpile measurement instead of single point level measurement or mass! We can also offer the first corrosion monitoring system to provide on-line real-time measurement of corrosion as a process variable for detection of pipeline fouling, pitting and general corrosion of your vessels and plant. These would initially be monitored parameters and not directly used for control, as such a site trial should have minimal plant intrusion. The long term benefits of success in this area could directly affect your bottom line.

If you would like to know more about our new product applications, innovations or are interested in a Beta test please email or call!

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